Community Guidelines

Every beautiful and successful residential community has guidelines and regulations in place to ensure the standard of living that it’s residents have come to expect. Whether it be a brick-n-mortar subdivision or a manufactured housing community – Cleanliness, ascetically-pleasing homes and lots with a nice curb appeal, a safe neighborhood for families and children, and quiet nights for restful sleep are all made possible by the collective effort of residents – of all ages, put forth throughout the neighborhood.

Please take time to review, and expect these regulations to be fully supported by our residents, at all times.




• Only one family may occupy a mobile home; according to each home’s maximum occupancy permitted, as deemed per fire and safety regulations.

• Mobile homes and sites shall be used only for dwelling purposes. Business or commercial activity – requiring commercial traffic within the community, may not be conducted on the premises. Home-based businesses not requiring non-resident traffic, may be conducted upon the discretion of management.

• No soliciting of any kind, by outside parties, is permitted on the premises. School fundraisers, etc., by resident children only may be permitted with prior consent by management.


• Rent is always due on, or before the first day of each month. A late fee is accessed upon all rents collected after the fifth day of each month. Total rent, including any additional fees or fines, must be collected – in full – upon the current rent due date. Failure to pay, in full, without prior arrangement, may result in additional fees.

• Rent payments may be made by check, money order, debit or credit card.  ACH payments may be arranged for automatic payment on either the 1st or 3rd of each calendar month. Please see management to complete the necessary form, to arrange this convenient way to make your payment. Online payments, via debit or credit card, are not available at this time. Please call the office, or stop by during business hours, to make your debit or credit card rent payment.


• The resident, and his authorized agents (movers), is responsible for the safe delivery of your home; maneuvering within the community, planking the home on or off the lot, and appropriate positioning and setting of the home in it’s permanent placement. Upon arrival, community management, and maintenance personnel, will oversee the move-in operation. Only qualified movers will be allowed to move homes into the community. Byrnes Mill Farms, and it’s agents, are not liable for any neglect, mishandling, damage, or improper setting that is incurred within the moving or setting-up process. All damages must be addressed and rectified by the resident and/or his authorized agents.

• Each home must have a visible house number displayed, to assist the fire department.

• All homes, steps, porches, sheds, and mailboxes must be appropriately anchored and remain free from rust and/or breakdown caused by age and wear. Residents are responsible for the maintenance, care and appearance of all these features associated with their lot and personal property. Routine maintenance, repair, paint, etc., is expected of all residents, annually or more often where needed.


• Each resident is liable for the cleanliness and curb appeal of their lot.

• All residents are required to install, and maintain, a working 40W light-bulb in all exterior lanterns, including the homes front and rear or side exits, as well as his own lot-associated dusk-to-dawn lamp. It is the resident’s responsibility to report any failure of his own lot-associated dusk-to-dawn lamp, to management, as soon as possible so that the appropriate repair or replacement can be scheduled by the maintenance personnel.

• Residents must keep grass, shrubbery, flowers, and other landscaping neat and trimmed.  All trimmings must be appropriately swept and/or removed in a timely manner. During the late spring and summer months, weekly – or bi-weekly mowing may be required. Unsightly lawns quickly take away from the curb appeal of our community, and must be maintained regularly.  If you are unable to maintain your lawn care as needed, please contact the management team for a referral, or find locally preferred vendors within this website. Lawns not properly maintained may result in those services being provided by the community lawn crew and subsequently charged to you, in addition to your lot rental.

• Each resident is responsible for any litter in his immediate area, including the street in front of his lot.

• Lawn mowers, weed-eaters and other maintenance tools, portable play equipment, toys, bicycles, etc. must always be stored in a utility storage shed, at the back of/or behind the home when not in use. These items should never be left in view from the street.

• All sites must be free of any hazardous obstacles or unsightly clutter. No storage under steps or porches is permissible unless the structure is completely enclosed with a solid material. Lattice material around deck footings is not an acceptable form of enclosure to conceal stored items not in use.

• All garbage must be contained in appropriate residential containers; cans with locking lids, or larger rolling toters are both acceptable. All trash containers must be stored out of sight; behind the home when not at the curb for pick-up. Large objects, such as furniture, can be picked-up upon special prior arrangement with the hauling company. Items not removed by the hauling company must be properly disposed of, by the resident, within 24 hours.

• Commercial-sized dumpsters are not made available for the resident’s use on a regular basis; however, they may be periodically available when other construction is being done within the community.  If you have a special clean-up project, and have the need for a larger-than-average disposal of environmentally safe items or debris, please contact the management staff to see if a dumpster is currently available for your use.


• All resident vehicles must be registered at the office. No recreational vehicle parking is allowed.

• Speed limits throughout the park, must be observed at all times. This may be enforced by local law enforcement, or by the management team.

• Parking on the street, by residents or guests, is not permitted at any time. Guests may use adjacent parking, in unoccupied lot driveways – if available, or make use of the additional parking spaces located at the community clubhouse.


• Residents are responsible for the conduct – and supervision of, their guests and/or their children at all times. Children are allowed to play in yards only where they have received permission to do so. Children are not permitted to play on the playground unless they are supervised by an adult, or sibling – minimum 16 years of age. Children may ride bicycles or walk street-side within the community, but must be mindful of traffic at all times, and respectfully yield to all motorists.

• Parents are held responsible for any damages done to park property, by their children or their guests.

• Residents are responsible for the conduct of their children, pets, and guests, at all times; including, but not limited to, trespassing on other’s lots, property damage, reckless driving or speeding within the park, and peace disturbance.


• ALL pets brought in to the community must be a house pet only. A house pet is determined, by this management, to be one that stays inside the home at all times unless being walked on a leash. If a pet is tethered outside alone, it is allowed to be out NO MORE THAN three times a day, for one-half hour at a time. If your dog continuously barks, or is inclined to be ill-tempered with unfamiliar people, it may not be outside unless accompanied by the owner.

• Unless otherwise approved by management, no pet in excess of 24″ in height when fully grown shall be permitted to reside in the community.

• No outdoor dog houses or shelters are permitted.

• Lots must be kept clean of animal droppings.

• Each pet must be registered in the office, along with the current rabies vaccination number.

The preceding regulations* are necessary in order to have an attractive community, and are intended for the comfort and welfare of our tenants.  All resident’s cooperation is expected in adhering to the regulations, in the continued effort to make Byrnes Mill Farms MHC an enjoyable place to live. 

* A full, comprehensive outline of our Rules & Regulations is included with every tenant’s lease agreement, and is signed and agreed upon by both parties, upon acceptance of a tenant’s application.  As the needs of the community can change over time, so-to, the Rules & Regulations may be adjusted or amended by management to meet those needs, without prior written notification to each resident.  If in doubt, always inquire with the management team before making significant changes to your personal property, landscaping, hosting a major event, or other instances that may impose on the property or livelihood of other residents of Byrnes Mill Farms MHC.